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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Madness #5: Drinking and Singing

This is a silly little blog about a silly little subject that seems to be the cause of sometimes silly, and sometimes great concern among singers, coaches, and voice teachers.  

It's Ash Wednesday.

Lots of people are giving up things and telling all of us what they are giving up via social media.  As an ex-Catholic, I know this ritual only too well; albeit without the announcements on Facebook.

Some are giving up Twitter or Facebook, some coffee, some chocolate... Frankly, it all seems a bit boring with everyone doing it.

A few have decided to give up alcohol, in what seems a bit of a desperate attempt to deny it has anything to do with drinking too much outside of Lent.

And, of course, singers like to give up drinking from time to time as well -- especially while preparing or rehearsing an opera.

I don't quite get it.

There is a famous, famous voice teacher who feels that singers should either NEVER drink, or drink regularly - as in having a beer a day, or a glass of wine - and STICK TO IT!  None of that giving up drinking during rehearsals, and then on opening night having one or two or five glasses of champagne and then recovering from the shock for days on end.

I have no official opinion about this.

Just thought I'd mention that.

However, now that I think of it, most singers I know drink. And they do it rather well. Some really like to drink, and enjoy it. Others, I think, drink because it's the thing to do (particularly with Artistic Administrators, that special breed of humans who are especially talented in toasting with martini glasses).

Ultimately, everything in moderation seems to be the best advice. Well, not everything in moderation. Chocolate Cake, for one, is better not in moderation. I like to eat it until I'm stuffed, then rinse with bourbon on the rocks.

Cheers! ~~~

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