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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Auditions PostScript

A post script to my earlier blog about auditions (it came out in late August, my time flies...)

Auditions: PS!

A few other thoughts for those of you flying hither and yon to take auditions this fall.

Try not to set yourself up to meet too many friends while in the big city (Toronto, NYC, or Chicago). It'll just cause you to talk more, and you need to rest. Take in a movie, head to a museum, see a concert instead of meeting up with someone at a cool bar or cafe.

Try to pack lightly and try to keep your agenda light as well. I'm talking about the "I'll memorize act one of Violetta on the bus cause I have a staging when I get back." You should have memorized it earlier...

Try to keep your mind fixed on your own priorities. This is hard. Auditions create a whole subset of priorities that may or may not be helpful to you or your mindset.

Make the audition day be just like ANY OTHER DAY. Don't alter your diet, don't change how you'll warmup. Frankly, auditions are already NOT like any other day, so why make yourself crazy by altering the day any further? If you normally have a coffee, have a coffee. If you normally go for a run, go for a run. Try to be as normal as possible. Let the audition just be a PORTION of your day, not the whole reason for the day's existence.

Yoga or Meditation or Working Out or Going For A Walk or ANY activity is a good thing, especially on audition days. The challenge is doing them either in a strange hotel, or in a friend's living room.

Arrive early. Arrive early. Arrive early. If you want to know why, check my other blogs.

And remember: the world keeps turning, the sun will rise, even if your high Q at the end of your aria wasn't what you wanted it to be! An audition is your time to share yourself and your artistry. GIVE.

So, that last word was GIVE.

Give that panel a gift:  You!