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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brevard thoughts

So Brevard Summer #3 has begun! We're already into week 2, which is fantastic. The musical revue "TINTYPES" opens this Saturday, right after Flicka's concert (on which she's singing with two of our students, Veronique Coutu and Nathaniel Olson) this Friday. We've cast the scenes program and a few are already ready for staging. The scenes go up next Friday (there's 19 of them - everything from Monteverdi to Britten!) and I think they'll be a huge success. Also this Friday, Fledermaus stagings begin.

That's a lot of activity. I have to say, that once again, my theory of preparedness has proven true. Those singers who've come in REALLY prepared are waltzing through these first weeks with very little stress, and are learning things about themselves, their voices, the music, etc. Those that didn't are already looking a bit tired because they're learning that there's no time to learn their scenes music when they're still trying to memorize their chorus music.

Elizabeth is working hard every day -- 8 to 9 students a day, which is tricky but she loves it! The boys are having LOADS of fun with Lily -- today they're all back at a waterfall (there are over a 100 named falls in the area) in the Pisgah National Forest. It's a great watering hole that they can swim in.

The water is clear and fresh, as is the air. The people are smiling and all happy to be here. Lots to learn and work on for everyone. I'm actually enjoying working on Pirates and am looking forward to the rehearsals - which won't start for two more weeks.

Gotta run to a massage at Elements Spa -- one of THE great reasons to be here at Brevard!