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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dialogue of the Camelots

So tonight we finished staging Camelot, a book scene between Mordred and Arthur. Done!  Well, sort of... we've got two full run thrus between now and Friday night (the 1st night of tech) and it is readily apparent that we need to run lines, run lines, run lines, run lines.
Don't get me wrong -- the cast is TERRIFIC, but these Camelot book scenes have a lot going on in them.  Giving clarity to Arthur's dream of civil law and civility, focusing the delicate balance of love between Arthur, Gwen, and Lance while moving plot along is the big challenge.
One of the delights of tonight's rehearsal was seeing Corey Trahan rehearse as Mordred.  He's wickedly funny, as is our Pellinore, Christian Bester.
I'm really looking forward to running the show tomorrow and seeing how it all fits, blends and moves forward.
On another note, Brevard rehearsals for Hoffmann (one of my least favorite shows!) have started with Dorothy Danner directing and Mo. Larkin conducting.  I hear the cast sounds exciting, and I look forward to seeing them in THEIR tech week in a less than ten days.  We did end up casting the scenes programs this past Monday night - after hearing 43 arias that day - and I hope the singers are excited: 20 duets in the first program and I think it's 17 or 18 scenes in the second program, including scenes by Torke, Britten, Kern, of course Mozart, and WAGNER; more on that later!
Fun fun fun